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Friday, June 29, 2007

How to get your HD video podcast on the list

The Apple TV & HD video podcast listing is aimed at shows that have been produced with HD viewing in mind.

To get on the list, your video podcast should...

  • Be shot in HD for the majority of the show (minimal 4:3 footage)
  • Ideally, delivered to viewers in HD (e.g. 720p, 1080p) or Apple TV (960x540) or thereabouts
  • Anything less than this is really not HD and it's debatable whether it should make the list. You may be able to slide through, but resolutions should be at least in the upper iPod range (640x360) and must look absolutely fantastic when scaled up - no jaggies!
  • Have good production quality - i.e. - you've made some effort to capture clean and crisp video, clear audio, have spent some time editing, maybe made use of titles, bumpers, green screen and other effects with good results
  • You're already 'on the air' with episodes ready to download
  • Be delivered via a syndicated feed like RSS or iTunes so that people can subscribe to it once and have episodes downloaded automatically
  • Be delivered on a regular basis (no one offs)
  • Explicit content is OK as long as we can warn people
  • Not infringe on anyone else's rights
If your podcast ticks all the boxes and you would like it added to the list then drop an email to with the following:

- Your name
- Podcast name
- Podcast author
- Format (i.e. resolution size, HD or Apple TV etc)
- Podcast syndication link (RSS or iTunes)
- Brief synopsis of the podcast

If you're already on there and need something updated, send an email to with the new information and your listing will be updated.


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