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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fxguidetv joins the HD podcast list

One of my favourite audio podcasts fxguide has added a new high definition video podcast to its offerings, fxguidetv.

Fxguide is a specialist website for film, television and commercials visual effects artists, covering industry news, technology, tutorials and interviews with artists and companies who are working on cutting edge vfx.

Whilst the fxguidetv video podcast is aimed at those folks in the vfx industry, the podcast is still great for those (like myself) who aren't in the industry but love hearing all the latest movie news, watching behind the scenes stories about how effects are done, and seeing interviews with the immensely talented people who do vfx work.

The gorgeous Australian host Angie Richards delivers all the latest vfx news with panache and the programme is presented in a magazine style format that's both entertaining and informative. Check it out!


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I shall be watching out for this one.