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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Apple TV & HD Podcasts Blog

Many of you by now will have a shiny HDTV in your living room, but depending on what TV services you have available, you might not have access to much high definition content to watch on it. And let's face it, that's not much fun is it?!

So if you can't lay your hands on much HD television, and you're still sitting on the fence about Blu-ray and HD DVD, where do you go for good HD content?

The answer is the Internet - and I'm not talking about pirated TV shows or movies here, I'm talking about free video podcasts (sometimes called vodcasts or video netcasts).

With products like the Apple TV starting to gain widespread use, HD and Apple TV 'enhanced' video podcasts are starting to become more available on the web and particularly in iTunes.

These podcasts are being produced by wide ranging groups of people from guys in their basements doing green screen to multi-million dollar media companies who are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon.

There's plenty of content around, but this blog is aimed squarely at finding those shows that are being produced in High Definition (so 720p or better) and are being made available to download in HD or close-to HD quality via an easily digestible RSS-style 'feed' format.

I'm including 'close-to' HD quality as well, because some shows are made in HD but for various reasons are downloadable at smaller sizes. Suffice to say, we're talking here about high quality video made on HD equipment in widescreen that will look good on your HDTV - so no crappy pixelated rubbish.

The blog will focussing on...

  • First and foremost being a directory of HD video podcasts that you can use your reader or iTunes to easily subscribe to
  • Provide news and reviews about HD video podcasts
  • Interview video podcast makers to find out more about their productions, go behind-the-scenes and find out why they do what they do
  • Provide hints and tips to make your video podcast viewing more enjoyable
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